Sign BECTU Petition to end long-hours working culture

UNI affiliate BECTU is campaigning for productions to decrease hours to improve productivity, safety and work life balance in the film and TV industries.

BECTU is calling for all parts of the industry to come together to form a commission dedicated to reducing the industry's reliance on a long-hours working culture.

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BECTU's report ‘Eyes Half Shut’ containing original research into long-hours working in the UK film and TV industries. The research, now downloadable from the BECTU website, is based on a survey and interviews conducted with workers in the industry. It reveals a shocking working culture, and a widespread belief in the industry that these practices are

the result of poor management rather than any genuine business need.

The research reveals that:

  • Depending on the department, between 61% and 75% or respondentsbelieve that their heads of department need more training in people and management skills.

  • Nearly 90% of respondents said that “working long hours had a negative effect on their family lives” with those over forty years of age affected the most.

  • More than four out of five workers on films (and a similar number of TV workers) believe that the long-hours culture has an impact on their ability to do their jobs.

  • More than nine out of ten shooting crew respondents to the survey reported that they had, at some time, felt unsafe at work, or travelling to and from work, because of tiredness.