Working Conditions in Film & TV Production

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The UNI MEI survey on working conditions in film and TV production in 15 European countries of 2016 stresses the importance and urgency of standards in international productions and co-production to ensure dignity at work.

The overall picture: entertainment workers are facing increasing casualization, deterioration of working conditions and remuneration in an environment where many workers are excluded from collective representation and bargaining.

Status of employment: increase of self-employment and shorter duration of contracts.

Remuneration: Average remuneration is below average of other sectors and has decreased for majority of workers in recent years.

Health & Safety: Implementation of general policies in AV sector remains limited and in particular SMEs lack resources and tools to carry out proper risk assessment.

Working Time: Long hours, overtime is a structural issue, seldom compensated.

Conclusion: The combination of decrease in salaries and wages with long working hours, the recurrent use of overtime and a low level of compensation of overtime is a toxic mix.